Basico Macrame


Talia • Macrame Card Wallet | Pouch

"Talia" is a small Card wallet with a simple design, very useful for storing your cards and money. It has a golden circular bolt to close, and a division to...


Delia • Macrame Belt | Braided Belt

"Delia" is a Braided Belt made with a beautiful diamond pattern. It has a circular wooden buckle. You can use it for your jeans, dresses and long t-shirt.   Each...


Mitra • Macrame Surface Support | Coaster

"Mitra" Surface Support helps care for your table or furniture while adding a touch of style and texture. You can use it under your candles, decorative vases, plants, or your...


Mare • Macrame Keychain | Wrist Strap

"Mare" Keychain is an item that was born from the idea of reusing the scraps left over from braiding and cutting daily. It is made with two threads that intertwine...